Innovating Heritage: Climate Monitoring at Fredriksten Fortress

In a groundbreaking project, Bev/Art and Østfold Museums, with conservator Juliane Derry, have revolutionized heritage conservation at Fredriksten Fortress. Our latest endeavor involved installing cutting-edge climate monitoring sensors to safeguard historical objects, some on loan from notable institutions like the Swedish Army Museum and the Swedish History Museum.

Testing climate sensors: The Bergen City Museum now saves hours of manual logging

The collection managers see that there is a greater industry focus on proper climate logging now than before. With technology from BEV/ART, they can automatically log the indoor climate and receive notifications directly on their mobile phones if unwanted changes occur. This has already saved them hours of work.

Careful Transport and High-Tech Monitoring

Have you ever witnessed a Dutch Renaissance painting being transported with the precision and care usually reserved for solemn processions? We recently had that unique experience as we joined the art logistics professionals at DHL Fine Art on their mission to move a priceless artwork from a medieval church to the workshop at Norsk institutt for kulturminneforskning (NIKU). It wasn't a funeral procession, but the reverence and meticulous care given to the art were just as profound.

Unveiling the secrets of Medieval churches

Bev/Art has embarked on a research journey with the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (Norsk institutt for kulturminneforskning or NIKU). Our mission? To unravel the mysteries of two medieval churches, Kinn and Andebu, by investigating the impact of challenging indoor climates on their priceless cultural artifacts.