Meet the team

Our company consists of an interdisciplinary team, with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. In addition to our individual responsibilities, every team member has their own clients assigned to them. We believe that being close to the customers is just as important for a programmer and designer, as it is for a salesperson and an administrator.

Håvard Lystrup

Håvard is the company's general manager and responsible for technology, finance and business development. He is a civil engineer with a master's degree in entrepreneurship.

Christian Nielsen

Christian is responsible for sales, marketing and customer satisfaction. He is an art historian with a passion for medieval architecture.

Martin Barthel

Martin is our technical manager and responsible for the company's data architecture. He eats computer bugs for breakfast.

Benedikte Bitnes

Benedikte is our lead designer and responsible for the user experience in Custodian.

Elin B. Tangevold

Elin is our preventive conservator. She assists our clients with understanding and optimizing their indoor climate.

Mona Helness

Mona is our front-end developer. She builds the software and makes sure that it's fun to use.

Simen Seeberg-Rommetveit

Simen is our back-end developer. He makes sure that the sensors "talk" properly with the software.