Climate monitoring



Gain live insight into your collections. Create intuitive reports with the click of a button. We help you regulate the climate factors threatening our invaluable cultural heritage.

Climate data on demand.

On all devices.

Collect data with discreet wireless sensors
Collaborate with your colleagues
Control conditions before damage occurs
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Stop searching for

excel sheets in old emails.

Access your historical climate data in one place
Discuss important events with all related parties
Analyse climate without advanced math skills - use our key metrics to make sense of the data
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Let the conservators do what they do best.

And we’ll do the rest.

5 minute plug-n-play installation - connect to the power socket and you’re live.

No need for unnecessary travels - access the climate data on all your devices.

Say goodbye to routine battery changes - our sensors will last you up to 10 years.

We help you balance indoor climate with

optimal conservation.

Auto-fill loan applications with climate data
Connect with your existing HVAC system for automated climate regulation
Integrations with museum standards will help evaluate indoor environment
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Security matters

End-to-end encryption of sensor data to ensure the utmost privacy and security.
Our cloud storage solution is not only secure, but also GDPR-compliant, giving museums peace of mind when it comes to data protection
Our two-factor authentication login provides an additional layer of security,
We're honored to help these museums preserve our collective cultural heritage

“Da vi brukte Custodian, vi oppdaget svingninger i et rom. Da kunne vi enkelt endre på X”

-Erik Markestad, konservator på KODE

How to get started

1. Get in touch

Tell us about your monitoring needs, and we’ll walk you through how Custodian works.

2. Try it out

Discover first hand how easy it is to use by ordering a demo kit.

3. Tailor a plan

Find out how many sensors you need, and customize a payment plan that suits your organization.

4. Gain insight

Place the sensors where you want them, and let Custodian do the rest. If you ever need support, we’re just a phone call away!
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