An invisible protector for your collections.

We help museums regulate the climate factors threatening our invaluable cultural heritage.

Hidden in plain sight

Small is the new powerful.

Our sensors provide precision climate monitoring for every space, boasting a range of approximately +/- 40 meters indoors.  The cloud connector captures and stores climate data in the cloud via its built-in SIM card, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Get real-time insights with a refreshing frequency every 15 minutes

Our sensors are designed with discretion in mind. Mighty in performance yet incredibly compact at just 19 mm.

And only 2.5 mm thin. You can basically hide us anywhere.

Powering through with over 10 years of battery life – catch you in the next decade for a free sensor upgrade!

Historical Care, Modern flair

Revisit your climate data with our cloud solution. Set personalized alert rules for different buildings, rooms, and sensors, ensuring you're promptly notified when climate strays beyond set thresholds. And sharing climate insights is a breeze now – export reports in PDF, CSV, or Excel formats.

Look back at climate data

Notify when outside threshold values

Export climate reports

We're supporting several museums and aim to assist more.

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