Custodian Sensor

What do you measure?

Our Humidity-sensors measure both the temperature and relative humidity.

Do you have other sensors?

Yes, we also offer a sensor that’s perfect for art transport. This has vibration, location and lux in addition to temperature and humidity.

Where are the sensors made?

Our sensors are designed in Norway and manufactured in Germany.


What happens when my trial period is over?

The trial can be continued after the 2 month period for a yearly fee of 4950 NOK/ 490€

What will be the total price for my museum?

The total amount of hardware is tailored to every museum and depends the range we can achieve in your museum, which is affected by factors like floor plan and wall thickness.

We usually get a good estimate of the number of sensors and cloud connectors needed during the trial period, often already during the installation. We will provide you with a concise offer before the first month has passed.

Why subscription model?

Its cheaper to get started and more predictable over time. You only pay for a year at a time which means that you can easily change, without being stuck with a lot of hardware you’ve invested in.

You will also have continuous support on hardware and software-related issues.

You know your collections best. But our in-house conservators are ready to advise you on indoor climate-related topics.

The subscription plan incentivises us to continuously improve on our products and services, and strive for customer satisfaction.